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about Me

I am a passionate customer support professional with extensive experience in customer service in leading IT companies. Originally from Finland, I have now been based in Berlin since January 2015.  I have been delivering outstanding customer service and support operations for over 20 years.

Customer support plays a critical role in shaping the overall customer experience.  I encourage businesses to establish their customer support function as early as possible to ensure customers are receiving the very best client service from the very first encounter with your business and brand.

I am passionate about sharing my experience and expertise with you and your business to assist you in delivering outstanding customer service and support from the beginning.



A detailed profile is available at Linkedin
However, some highlights of my two decades in customer service and support have been:

  • Establishing a technical customer support department from scratch for a small start-up in Finland. Our client base contained mainly demanding premium clients in the knowledge working sector.

  • Establishing a centralized technical customer support department from scratch for a leading European wide corporation. The support department was rolled out to 20+ countries, with support delivered 24/7 in 9 different languages to over 1 million end users.

  • Building a robust and efficient communication system between customer support and developers, enabling the best possible protocols and practices between these two remotely located teams, while ensuring that the support team's concerns were always heard.


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