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Customer support expert
on a mission.

A fractional help for SaaS companies to get your customer support up and running.


Facing these challenges?

Starting your support operations while your business is picking up

Unclarity how to set up customer support the best way

Lacking time to concentrate on customer support set up

Finding the right person/profile to kick-start the customer support 

Missing know-how on best practises around customer support


Over 20 years of experience

Get complete support management - from answering customer inquiries to establishing operations - with a single point of contact.

Tap into my over 20 years of extensive experience in leading a support department and working as a customer service representative! Avoid the mistakes others have already made!

Cost-efficient solution

At the beginning, amount of support inquiries is low. I will work for you part-time, and can take also some load from platform demonstrations.

Demos are an excellent way to learn your platform, get additional information of what customers need and content to document for customer's self-service purposes. 

Setting up tools and processes

While taking care of your customer's inquiries, set up of your operations is happening:

Processes are built (in co-operation with other teams like sales and product when needed), tools adjusted to serve better the internal needs, reporting and KPIs are set up to visualize the health and status of the support. Your business'growth is kept in mind.

Example workflow

Initial training about your product and existing processes

Answering customer's inquiries, doing platform demos for customers, setting up customer support function.

Setting up knowledge base, constantly documenting new information for internal and customer-facing purposes.

Once the inquiry amount is big enough to hire a full-time person, I will support you finding one.

I will train the new person who will take over the responsibility of support and remain as an on-demand contact point if needed.

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