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Customer support
advisory on demand

Get help when you need it!

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Facing these challenges?

Scaling your support operations while your business is picking up

Inefficient processes and workflows, but no time to concentrate on improving them

Lack of ideas how to solve operational issues in customer support department

Nobody to brainstrom improvement ideas with

Keeping costs low and customer happiness high


External pair of eyes

You will not only get my expertise to improve your customer support operations, but also someone who can offer new perspectives on issues you are struggling with.

We all are sometimes too close to the problem, making it difficult to find a solution to it. A fresh pair of eyes can uncover new perspectives on problems.

Sounding board

Just in a need to discuss the situation with someone?

No problem! I act as a sounding board for your ideas, challenging your thinking or sharing experiences and best practices.

Ideas & proven strategies

Get creative ideas and proven strategies to design or scale your customer support operations.

Understand what will work best for your company; evaluate existing set-up, map customer support needs, and at the end develop a fully operational customer support function.

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