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Apply to become a mentee, for FREE! I will be sharing my knowledge and feedback with 10 selected applicants. Read below what's included!

Image by Souvik Banerjee

Linkedin profile review

LinkedIn is today the TOP place to browse jobs.
Majority of the recruiters and headhunters are using it too to find candidates. You don’t want to miss interesting job opportunities just because your LI is not up-to-date?


Let’s review your profile and work together to make it attractive and showcase your achievements!


Do you have specific questions about the CS, maybe a problem at your work, and you would like to brainstorm how to solve it? Or maybe you wonder how to move forward in your career?

For the whole 60 minutes I am all yours, either just listening or giving advice and feedback. As you wish!

1:1 "Ask me anything about CS" call ( 60min)

Which of the following topics you need support?

Thanks for applying!

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